CSUN Spring Semester 2014

Chicano Studies 113B | MW 8:00 am

Course Information

Course Title:

ChS 113B - Class 13539

Approaches to University Writing (mandatory co-requisite: University 062)

Supplemental Instruction Leaders: Angelica Amezcua and Matthew Delgado

Course Description:

(3 Units plus 1 unit SI) Prerequisites: EPT score of 139 and below. This course is designed to develop expository prose writing with a focus on both content and form. Specific emphases shall include the exercise of logical thought and clear expression, the development of effective organizational strategies, and the appropriate collection and use of evidence. The course includes instruction on diction, syntax, and grammar, as well as the elements of prose style. Students receive credit for only one (1) course chosen from AAS, CAS, CHS, ENGL, and PAS. Students in 113 must also be concurrently enrolled in University 062 (one unit of credit) for two hours of supplemental instruction per week. Individual tutoring is available through the Chicana/o Studies Writing Lab, JR 142, or the Learning Resource Center (LRC) in the Oviatt Library, 3rd floor East Wing.

Meeting Time/Dates:

Regular meetings are Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:00-9:15 am, from Jan 22 to May 7, except Mar 31 (César Chávez Holiday) and Apr 7 and 9 (Spring Break). SI sessions meet following each regular meeting at 9:30-10:20 am.

There is no final.


JR 115 (8:00-9:15 am)

JH 1107 for SI sessions (9:30-10:20 am)

Course Objectives:

Throughout the course, students will engage in writing as a recursive process that includes developing ideas, drafting, and revising writing. As they read and analyze multicultural materials, including fiction, creative non-fiction and scholarly articles, as well as multimedia materials such as films, lectures, presentations, etc., students will:

Departmental Student Learning Outcomes:

This course will address the following Chicana/o Studies Department Measurable Student Learning Outcomes:

Rights and Responsibilities:

Students must familiarize themselves with information in the appendices of the downloadable University Catalog 2012-2014 that deal with their rights and responsibilities: